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    I am a largely self-taught Java programmer who made the switch from Customer Support to Software Development.  I have been coding professionally at a Boston-based tech company for a little under two years. I am looking to expand the horizons of my coding experience and to contribute to interesting projects.

    The team I work on has limited product management support and wide responsibilities in terms of managing the codebase, so I am very used to “un-siloed” thinking about development — it’s everything from product research and requirements gathering, finding the right implementation, testing, and considering the user experience as a whole. 

    My focus so far has been on backend Java code, specifically for integrating with third party applications, but I also have some experience with Python scripting.  Looking forward to connecting and contributing!

    Tools / Languages, briefly —

    Languages: Java 8, Python
    APIs: REST, SOAP, GraphQL (some familiarity)
    Build / Developer tools: Maven, Jenkins, Eclipse, Git
    Server-side Web Development: Jersey, Hibernate, MySQL, Tomcat
    Unit Testing: JUnit, Spock
    Other : Dell Boomi, SSH, PGP, Groovy, Django (some familiarity), Sumo Logic, Unix command line

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