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    • Christian Dodd Web & Database Developer & Project Manager 0 reviews
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    Hi, I am a project manager and developer currently working in the engineering industry. I have experience building systems to automate processes and provide business intelligence in the publishing, retail and engineering industries. Originally working in MS Access since 2002 I have been building solutions in PHP/MySQL for the last five years. I would also welcome opportunities to learn about mobile app development for Android or IOS although I cannot claim any existing expertise in this area.

    I have experience with the following applications and methods:

    PHP, MySQL, MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, PHP connection to and querying of MS SQL Server and Oracle DBs, APIs(JSON,CSV,XML), JQuery, Flot Charting, Crontab, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt trained, user of MySAP, Siemens Teamcenter.

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    • Country: United Kingdom