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    Chakana Creations (CC) is an incubator of projects aiming at:

    – helping restore ecological balance,

    – build bridges between cultures and

    – prompt the rediscovery of the Self as spiritual collective beings.

    The organisation is run by Marc and Alejandra, a couple with complementary skills and abilities guided by their similar values and vocation. Alejandra has a background in education and languages. She is currently embracing the social researcher and publishing path. ( Marc is a writer, social entrepreneur and ecological economist; as an author, Marc mainly writes about spirituality and ancient wisdom. (

    Our current projects:

    The writings, which can be accessed from:

    –, a platform where articles written by Marc and by other authors, mainly indigenous people, are published. The platform is an opportunity for authors to communicate their worldview.

    –, the site where the book “The Art of Finding Ourselves” is being published

    – “Mastay: The Alchemy of the Reunion” and “Incan Anatomy of the Soul” , two books which can be obtained from Amazon and other on-line shops on the internet.

    “Wise Tree Centres”

    They are intended to become a network of centers located in or nearby sacred areas to be run on reciprocity. There, anyone will be able to attend (receive) and hold (give) workshops and activities aligned with our current need for socio-cultural and spiritual change. The seedling of the first center is already growing in South-East Australia, in an eco-village called Mt Murrindal, in a valley called W-Tree, where the headquarters of Chakana Creations is located. The seedling of the second Tree Centre is starting to take shape at the foot of Champaqui Mt. in the valley of Traslasierra, located in Córdoba, a western province in Argentina.


    Intended to become a global network for the distribution of useful technology to the people living in rural areas from low-income countries. The network is based upon three principles:

    – circular economy,

    – open data and

    – social equality.

    It is to be championed through a non-profit organisation with all the users of the technology as its members. It will be a sort of global users’ cooperative for those in need of such technologies.  All our creations are built on the understanding of 7 (seven) relationships that constitute a new set of laws of thought with the potential to harmonize the way we relate to our existence. These relationships are inspired by the indigenous worldview; we believe that it is only when we let ourselves be influenced by their wisdom that we will be able to overcome the current environmental and spiritual crisis.

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