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    My undergrad degree is in Chemistry which I received many years ago.  My professional experience is with medicinal chemistry in Pharma development.  In the beginning of my career,  I developed a small molecule database, with an GUI, which started my journey into IT.  I feel very comfortable at a command prompt, regardless of the OS or Shell.  I’ve been developing and using Oracle database since the mid-1990s; currently we have Oracle 11-12 installed at my employer.  In addition,  I’ve played around with Hadoop, Yarn, PIG, etc…; but those were just professional curiosity.  I’m kind of a generalist with regard to the Microsoft Office VBA suite where the business requirement drove the development.  Sometimes I will switch technologies to get better performance, especially for repeatable processes.  Consequently,  I taught myself Python and developed a word frequency program using string scraping from downloaded documents out of a VEEVA document management system.  I’m looking to retire in a year or so and I want to keep writing software. 🙂     

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