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    • Harry Yang Software Engineer 0 reviews
    • Node.js
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    Open-minded software engineer with problem-solving capability and communication. Experienced with Node.js, Docker, PostgreSQL for 8 years, Go, Python, Test-driven development, Terraform for 4 years, React, Angular for 5 years. My passion lies in hands-on software design and implementation.

    I seek to build software applications that both delight end users as well as the technical team that is to develop and operate the software. I strongly believe that software quality is key in delivering such delight, so I like to make sure that this is a key consideration in everything I do. I am a strong advocate for well tested code, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and team building. Happy to lead, happy to follow whatever it takes to get us there.

    I’m open to speaking with entrepreneurs and founders who have a strategy and willing to dominate the niche market.

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    • Country: United States