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    • dmuturia Software Engineer 0 reviews
    • Android
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    I am a tech enthusiast who has always been passionate about technology. Constant growth in

    learning and implementing new technologies has been what drives me since 2015 when I only

    knew how to develop static websites, until now with over 5 years of experience in software


    I am a highly skilled and motivated certified software developer and a university graduate with a

    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I am proficient in Java and Python. Most of my

    applications are hosted on the private repository for where I work. But some of my hobby work

    can be viewed from my GitLab repository.

    I am a hardworking, honest, and creative person with strong analytical skills. I believe that I

    have the right qualifications and skills to significantly impact your company. I have acquired

    great teamwork skills, agile scrum methodology, project management, and great

    problem-solving skills.

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    • Experience: 5 years
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    • Country: Sweden