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    • eltonsantana .NET/Xamarin/Node Developer 0 reviews
    • App Development
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    • JavaScript
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    A motivated and committed professional with more than 8 years of significant, progressive experience in Information Technology development, focusing on Microsoft .Net Technologies and Native Mobile Application Development.

    My experience with development began in 2001 when I started to code using Clipper 5.0, since then, high concepts of computing such as data structures, concurrency, integration, performance and scalability have been part of daily routine. During the last 8 years I have been working with the Microsoft.NET platform, developing Windows and Web solutions using mainly ASP.NET, JavaScript and JQuery.

    Since 2013 I also have been working with mobile solutions developing in native platforms for IOS, Android and Windows Phone. In 2017 I started with Xamarin, a development framework that allows me to build mobile apps employing my already consolidated C# and .NET skills.

    I’m a GIS enthusiast and I feel comfortable with Windows and OS X environments.

    Solving problems, automating tasks, create and writing code are my passions. I’m a keen learner and I feel comfortable and motivated in challenging environments. 

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