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    • Said Akhmed Agitaev Backend Engineer 0 reviews
    • Database
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    • Software Development
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    Ever since I started writing my first ever “Hello, world!” in Pascal, I have been obsessed with the idea of making the software solve real-life problems the way I want it to. Throughout my studies in university, I carried on shaping my programming skills by levitating “Hello, world!” all the way up to a complex full-stack application with dozens of practical projects in-between. I learned HTML/CSS, JavaScript and C# by crushing tons of online courses related to software development, while focusing on acing the college degree.  

    I carried on this momentum after graduating from college. The knowledge I gained during my education on algorithms, data structures, design patterns, machine learning and project management skills is still helping me follow my professional career path as a software engineer. So, now, in industry the same passion stays with me. I am grateful that I found my passion on programming. There’s a lot to learn, more real-life problems to solve and the idea of making my community a better place to live is what keeps me up at night. 

    Today, I am a backend engineer at a multi-profile company, Global Solutions. As an engineer, I work with adjacent teams to integrate our payment provider with banks, airport services and financial institutions, such as TBC Bank, UzTelecom, Uzbekistan Airways to name a few. When I leave the office, I tend to spend my time on go-karting and reading non-fiction books. I like day dreaming while swimming or running at night time, when everybody is asleep. I find it both exciting and inspiring. 

    Skills/Interests: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, MongoDB, React.js, Jest, Sinon, Postman, Newman, SonarQube, Husky, Git, SQL, nginx, tmux, PM2
    Academic: Distributed Systems, Microservices, Software Engineering

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    • Country: Uzbekistan