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    Hi there! My name is Guli. I am a fullstack software engineer based in New York.

    I grew up in a village in Uzbekistan, where my family lived until we moved to Russia. As a school kid I was very interested in solving math and logic puzzles, started participating in competitions, and eventually became a winner of a national olympiad competition in economics, an intersection of math and real-world problems. I started my career in investment banking following college, and worked in Europe, US, and even in Brazil.


    I made a career switch into software engineering after a few years in banking to pursue my growing interest in automating rather than just implementing business solutions. After graduating from a coding bootcamp, I worked as a fullstack software engineer in New York. I am really interested in growing my career further in this space.


    In my free time, I enjoy cooking, running outside and occasionally overwatering my plants.


    Fun fact: My sister and I were the first girls to ride bicycles in the village we grew up in. I had only one training wheel on my bike!

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