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    Bridge builder. Storyteller. Writer, editor, collaborator, and mentor.

    I’m a natural people person; a social networker always seeking opportunities to meet new people and foster new relationships.

    I serve my clients with tenacity, energy, purpose and drive, forming lasting and productive working relationships with and on behalf of my clients and colleagues.

    My approach to public affairs, communications, marketing, and crises management blends established tactics with emerging digital strategies to deliver actionable, results-focused plans. I combine critical thought and sensitivity to current affairs alongside a proven work ethic and understanding of more than the meanings of words but also their motives. I artfully articulate and illustrate complex business challenges and opportunities.

    I’m passionate about international relations in peace & security; climate change; sustainable development; healthcare; medical & science reporting; AI & innovative technology development.

    I distil complex information into compelling narratives and cultivate an environment of resilience and optimism. I know the actual value of authentic relationships and a focused work ethic.

    I’m challenging the status quo one day at a time, helping people and organisations thrive in a complicated world! 

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