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    Hey, I’m Jerome and I’ve just graduated from Udacity earning a Front End Web Developer Nanodegree. I have studied the latest and greatest technologies involved with working with websites and web apps, and I’m now ready to help you with your website needs. I specialize in building websites from concept to deployment for small businesses, bloggers, and musicians. I can customize static web pages as well as WordPress themes. So far, I’ve built websites for an HVAC services business which resulted in his business increasing by 60%, and an up-and-coming author who needed a blogging site to connect to his audience which now his audience knows that he is available and can purchase his books on his website. My most rewarding project was creating a map of my local city of Hewitt (Texas) which combines the React framework with Google Maps. The goal was to give the visitor different options for searching for places within the city by either typing the name of the place in the search bar, selecting it from the menu, or clicking on the map marker. My process is simple: The moment you click on the “invite me” button, and the process is completed, I will be happy to chat with you to discuss the details of the project and collect everything that’s needed for it such as photos, written content, etc. From that point forward, I will create your website using my web server, and you will be provided with a link to test it out. I don’t deem the project complete until you’re 100% satisfied with the end product. Then, I will transfer it to your server.


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