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    Hi 👋,


    My name is Ben and have worked previously in finance and laterly in tech logistics for over 15 years. My most recent roles have involved working with product in the food delivery space which entailed managing the delivery of projects spanning commerce, mobile & web apps, APIs (REST) and custom enterprise software solutions.


    This experience has brought me in to commercial contact with GIT, SQL, broad data management solutions, CSS/HTML , JS (Node.JS & Express + React), Python (Numby,pandas,Tkinter, FastAI) and Go. From a Data perspective I have worked with Postgres/MySQL/NoSQL DB’s + MongoDB. I am also familar with AWS and GCP infrastructure and consider myself linux/Bash literate with some scripting experience.


    Having held senior management roles in the product space. I am now looking to make the transition to being an individual code contributor in future roles. In order to achieve this I have spent the last year and a half dedicating alot of time to self development specifically with Javascript (client & server side) and Python. Additionally I am familiar with HTML and CSS and have worked with Bootstrap and template engines.


    I would love the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause, while boosting my real world experience but would advise any charities considering my profile to consider me a junior developer. That being said, I am conscientious, detailed oriented and able to solve problems autonomously. Where working more closely in a team setting is more appropiate I am respectful and happy to be led.


    Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask.


    ✌️ and 💚



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