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    I never know what to write on this open fields. I enjoy programming, solving 

    tasks, debugging, refactoring and other ing’s (bad joke… because of the 

    debugging, refactoring, thingy… never mind)

    Erlang is my latest obsession, but Golang, Python and C are my favorites in 

    the world. That doesn’t mean that’s the limit of the depth of my knowledge, 

    huahuahuahua (–Deep voice– …joking again).

    I also have experience in linux (10 years approx.), I don’t have a certification

    i haven’t needed it yet, sorry to disappoint you (kidding, not sorry). I am 

    currently maintaining loadbalancers configured with Haproxy and Nginx, web 

    servers on Nginx, GlusterFS, Docker and mysql databases. And by necessity (the 

    dev has to eat –hahaha–), I learned PHP (because everybody needs a php dev 

    –sarcastic tone–).

    I like to configure things my self and automate when needed. With that i mean 

    I use DigitalOcean (I cannot afford experimenting on AWS… “sorry” to

    disappoint again).

    P.S: I use Emacs with the evil-mode, just because I like to live my life on the 

    edge (hahahaha –this one is funny–)… really I do.



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