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    My 15 year career and hobby so far in IT has taken me through a few different skillsets that your organization might find useful on an irregular or ongoing basis.

    SQL coding: I am an Oracle PL/SQL developer for a financial software firm by day. I am also capable of working at the same level of ability on MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Apache Spark/Hadoop environments. I’ve written lots of SQL, folks. And I know how to read application level code (C#, Java, and Python at least) well enough to tell how it’s calling the database for data. I’m also experienced with data model design, and performance optimization.

    Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Development: That includes setting up data warehouses (on-prem and in the cloud), generating and deploying data migration and transformation (ETL/ELT) code, and building pixel-perfect reports, interactive charts and dashboards. I’m pretty tool-agnostic there as well, but I do have some preferences if the client is open to suggestion.

    Digital Transformation and Automation: I may not be a full software developer, but I can write Python, Bash/Korn Shell, PowerShell, and Batch scripts that are orchestrated through a smart workload scheduler. Scripts that can interact with websites and GUI programs. Scripts that can interact with databases and Web APIs to extract/load data or kick off another process. Scripts that can react to log entries, auto-remediate app or server issues, and report them to necessary stakeholders. I can orchestrate entirely automated business processes into virtual departments overseen by operations managers and their IT counterparts.

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