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    My name is Dan. I am finishing my first year at Northumbria University. I have maintained a 90% + grade average and I am aiming towards a first in my degree. I have work experience and I am a mature student.


    I have studied the following modules this year:

    Computer Fundamentals (Binary, Set theory, Machine language, Turing Machines)

    Relational Databases (SQL)

    Web Technologies (HTML 5, PHP, CSS)

    Programming 1 and 2 (Beginner Java, Intermediate Java Theory)

    Systems Analysis


    I am an excellent fit for voluntary projects. I only wish to gain exposure and the opportunity to learn. My first year is almost over and I am available full time until mid-September.


    Overall I believe I am a strong candidate, I am not as young as some candidates may be but it only lends itself well to the position. I am incredibly motivated and independent.


    I would love to be given the opportunity to discuss the project further to offer more convincing of my suitability and thank you for the time taken to read this.


    Dan Stewart

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