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    digital vouchers against child poverty

    Project description:

    We are PlusX, a non-profit startup based in Germany, made up entirely of volunteers and we are looking for volunteer web-developers, who would be willing to support our cause.


    One of the more severe consequences of growing up poor for a child comes from not being able to afford participation in the same basic leisure activities, that all of your peers are regularly participating in ( like going to the movies, zoo, amusement park etc. ), therefore running the risk of becoming socially isolated, along with all the negative consequences this carries for the life and the future of the individual as well as the society in general.


    The goal of our project is to address this problem by introducing free digital vouchers for leisure activities, financed by donations, discounts from activity providers and state subsidies (where applicable) and redeemable via a smartphone. The project in its basic form is already up and running, however the complexity is growing quickly with the introduction of important new features and in order to make progress at a reasonable pace we are in dire need of more programmers.


    At its core is a web-app that you can visit at . It is made using Grails so any experience with this framework would be great, otherwise any skill level, programming background and amount of time dedicated per week is welcome. On top of helping out people in need, aspiring web-developers, who want to improve their chances of landing a job in this field, will also be able to use this as an opportunity to obtain real work experience, familiarize themselves with current tools of the trade, learn best coding practices from an experienced lead-dev and at the end get a written reference stating what they worked on and what skills they acquired in the process.


    If you are interested, than get in touch with us via email at






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