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    Project description:

     I have worked for over 10 years helping people with disabilities from all walks of life find work. I would like to find help to develop a site where people who need errands completed can post that errand and we can help a person with a disability complete that errand. For example, a realtor who needed 500 postcards labeled and stamped. It was a one time job with only a few hours, but the person who completed the errand/project was more than happy to have the money. The person who completed the task happened to use a wheelchair to get around so his only transportation is a public bus; which can make it challenging when selecting a job or paid work. My company has job coaches that can help people access employment by assisting them with things like transportation or ensuring they could complete the actual task with the instructions that are supplied. I do find at times it is difficult to work with some already established sites for errands as they are not very accommodating to the needs of people with disabilities who can complete the work but may need an accommodation. My company would hope to use the site to help people who have a need for errands get their tasks done in a timely manner at a reasonable rate and work with the person excepting the paid work to be sure they get what they need to be able to complete the job. I was envisioning an app and website where people could be matched to individuals who can do the task based on them submitting a task with an agreed-upon amount of pay. Thank you for the opportunity to preset my desire for a website and app that would help people with disabilities gain access to employment. 


    1. device999

      hey please let me know, if you need help
      my email is :

    2. tomascerda95

      Hello Kate, I am very interested in the project and willing to participate. Please feel free to reach out

    3. Jason Pittman

      Hi Kate, my coworker and I would be interested in helping with this project. Please feel free to reach out.

      • Kate

        Here is my contact email…

      • Kate

        Jason, thank you for being willing to talk with me about this project. I am NOT a software developer, but I do have many years and success stories about people from all walks of life with disabilities who we helped find jobs. Please let me know what you would need from me to consider taking on the project.


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