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    Frontend | Front-end | front end developer – for free live-learning online platform!

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    Project description:

    We want to enable 100,000s of online educational live-lessons between people of all backgrounds every day, without any money exchanging hands.


    We are a global community that love face-to-face learning as we know it is the best way to learn. It inspires, directs, saves time, increases retention, and brings back the fun to learning. By connecting people around the world to share, learn and teach each other, we will improve global education and exchange our ideas, empathy and understanding of the world with each other. Every person has something to share, and with 8BM the finest learning is available to everyone, everywhere for free.

    We are a global team of 25 volunteers looking to expand our frontend dev team!

    Are you skilled in any of these?
    • CSS
    • Javascript

    • Html

    If so, we could do with your help!
    To see the site in development please see:

    Hope to hear from you soon,
Sam + the 8BM team

    P.S Please send us your email address so that we can contact you. We are receiving a lot of interest but have no way to reply back to you, thanks!

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    1. minhkhoi

      Dear Sam and 8billionminds team,
      My name is Khoi Nguyen, I am currently a second-year student at New Brunswick Community College (Canada), and I am taking IT Web and Mobile Application Development. I am writing this email to apply for volunteering to your project when I saw the projects are posted on donate:code. With my knowledge of C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and Java, I really hope that I give my contribution to the community by volunteering for this project, and I am comfortable with back-end and front-end programming. I really love to work with the development team, I hope I can get this chance to volunteer. Thank you so much for your time to read my email and I am looking forward to your response.

      Best regards,
      Khoi Nguyen

      my email is


    Skills required:


    Robert Uebelhor
    Web Developer
    In Process
    Front end developer
    In Process
    Full stack developer
    In Process
    On a path to become front end developer
    In Process
    Cally Tran
    Front End Developer
    In Process
    Rena L Lynch
    Software Developer
    In Process
    Full stack Web Developer, Python Developer
    In Process
    Software Developer
    In Process
    In Process
    Cagla Sipahi
    Software Developer
    In Process
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