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    Java | Backend | frontend devs needed for 8Billionminds – a live-learning education platform!

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    • Open 2 years ago

    Project description:

    We want to enable 100,000s of online educational live-lessons between people of all backgrounds every day, without any money exchanging hands.

    We are a group of volunteers who love face-to-face learning.
    Our aim is to foster knowledge-trading around the world. We believe that every person has something to share, and that we can enable the finest learning to be accessible to absolutely everyone, everywhere, for free.

    For example, we can connect people in rural Africa with those in developed parts of Europe. By creating links between people around the world for educational purposes, we believe this will lead to an improved world, in which knowledge, skills, empathy, understanding and opportunity are more equally distributed.

    Lessons can be in anything that is within the human mind, from language, business skills, farming techniques, philosophy, to science and math. It is about facilitating deep conversation between different people around the world, and bringing the fun back to learning.

    We are a team of global volunteers looking to expand our backend and frontend dev team!

    Are you skilled in any of these?
    • Java
    • Devops
    • Mysql
    • Javascript
    • Html / css / responsive
    • Android / ios apps ?

    If so, we could do with your help!

    To see the site in development please see:
    Fb group:

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    P.S Please send us your email address so that we can contact you. We are receiving a lot of interest but have no way to reply back to you, thanks!


    1. Mimpous

      Hello I using java for a long time as in the past I was a full stack dev.
      Almost 20 years of experience, i would like to see how I could get me involved.

    2. VenalexD

      Hello, I believe this is a great project you are working at for a good cause. I would love to help. I am an experienced Java developer with some experience in MySQL, HTML, Javascript and CSS. My email is

    3. Babak Gohardani

      Hi there, I have experience with Java and spring framework + sql databases.

    4. johnothon

      Hi I have experience working with Java and Backend, would be glad to help! Can reach me at

    5. llama_cake

      Hi! I’m Java developer with 3 year experience, also have experience working with SQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript, would be glad to help 🙂

    6. device999

      Hey, I have worked with java for the last 3 years, would be glad to help, please contact me here: , for further discussions and resume.

    7. cyberpuca

      hello. I know java, mysql and html, css, resposive. Let me know if you need help


    Gilcemar Guizzo Zanette
    Software engineer
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    In Process
    Software engineer
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    Java developer
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    Michael Stramandinoli
    Software Developer
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    Student Coder
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    Lead Java Engineer
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