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    Pharmacy Management Software

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    Project description:

    Dear Engineers and Software developers,

    I am a pharmacy manager at Floating Doctors, and I am posting this project in hopes of finding someone that will streamline our supply and inventory management process.

    We are an international NGO location in Bocas del Toro, Panama providing rural healthcare to the indigenous population in the surrounding communities. Due to being completely isolated or great distances away from the mainland, most communities lack the funds, transportation, or know-how to access much-needed healthcare services. Floating Doctors provides locals with basic healthcare needs as well as other things such as medicine for scabies, fungal infections, or diabetes; but we also work proactively to provide access to prevention services tailored for our patients and communities including condoms, safe sex education, and family planning services.

    Our organization provides medicines to every community member when they need them without any charge, discrimination, or bias. To do so we store many items within our in-house pharmacy and pack them every week in boxes to be transported for each clinic. Currently, all of our tracking process, including the inventory of materials, expiry dates, usage numbers, etc. is manual, and because we are expanding to help more communities, our use of supplies is also increasing.

    This project is meant to be a pharmacy tracking/inventory app that will make our work more streamlined, automatic, and more comfortable so that we can track exactly how much of each item we have and the app updates those numbers when we use more of that item. If you would like to discuss it more, please drop us a message, and we will gladly talk about it more!

    I look forward to hearing from you and moving forward with a collaboration! 

    Fair winds,

    Lilly Khorsand

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    1. hamed_hossani

      Hello Mrs Khorsand,
      Can you Explain more?
      You just want a mobile app?
      my email is


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