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    Healthstart Foundation

    Lead Game Programmer for Educational Game App

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    Project description:

    Lead Game Programmer Intern


    HealthStart’s mission is to provide the blueprints for building healthier communities through children’s health science education. We teach kids how their bodies work, the body systems, , and how this relates to what to eat to keep their bodies healthy. HealthStart lessons also teach kids that taking care of one another and our environment builds community health and wellbeing.

    HealthStart seeks an intern that will use their programming and project leadership skills to help change the world for the better by leading our internal programming team and standardizing the health education mobile game app code. TheLead Game Programming Intern will gain experience in the following areas:  game code development, game testing, and project management. 


    HealthStart seeks a part-time Lead Game Programmer intern with highly developed leadership and organizational skills, ability to manage their time, and creative talents. Interns work 12-15 hours per week under the supervision of the team’s Project Manager.
    The intern will work with a remote team to help develop MonstraliaTM: A Healthy Life For Your Little Monster™ app from written design documents and wireframes. The intern will help lead the other programmering interns on the team to ensure work is being done efficiently and properly while updating the Project Manager on the team’s status throughout the semester. The lead programmer will act as the “gatekeeper” to the main branch of code, ensuring the integrity of pushes to the main branch for the game on Unity. They will work with the programming team to ensure the game is updated correctly in a collaborative environment. The intern may also participate in user testing which involves identifying ease of play, level of engagement, efficacy in conveying health messages, and opportunities for improving gameplay. Additionally, the intern will work with the team to fix design flaws and bugs identified during user testing.


    Candidates for the position must have experience/familiarity with programming, game development or related activities. A strong interest in gaming for good is preferred.

    Required Skills:

    • Experience leading a team in a remote and collaborative environment

    • Proficient using C# with Unity

    • Experience with Game Development

    • Basic understanding of object oriented programming

    • Ability to work with existing code and existing code documentation

    • Ability to communicate quickly and effectively

    • Ability to stay organized and up to date with the various tasks and assignments.

    This role is ideal for someone who has:

    • Experience or a strong interest in health and wellness and early childhood education

    • A desire/need to build out their portfolio 

    • and someone with Animation and/or illustration experience a plus


    At present, this is an unpaid internship, but it may grow into a monthly stipend.


    3710 Cedar St #227
    Austin, TX 78705
    United States

    Application Due Date


    Start Date


    To Apply

    Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and portfolio (if appropriate) by email to Jeremy Follin at on or before September 9th, 2021. Two references required.

    Applicants may perform their internship tasks remotely and participate in one monthly staff meeting (first Friday of the month), Monstralia team meetings via conference call (day and time TBD), and other tasks as assigned.

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    1. peZevedo

      I am not sure about the deadline, but I will donate 15 hours per week and give my best to do it with quality and as fast as possible.


    Hale Verde
    Wordpress Developer. Javascsript Developer
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    FullStack Software Engineer
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    .Net Developer
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