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    Small Business financial resources during Covid-19

    Project description:

    Hello – My name is Neha, a member of the Los Angeles community. 

    I hope you are all safe and sound at home! 

    During the past couple of weeks, we have seen COVID-19 take over every aspect of our lives and quickly become the focus of our society.  It’s heartbreaking to see the confirmed cases continuously rise and the profound impact it is having- from our personal lives to the global economy. This crisis will have an everlasting impact on the global community, transcending the initial shock value. 

    I am sure you are noticing stores, markets, gyms, malls and many other businesses are now  closed. These businesses have immediately lost their income and are now struggling to make ends meet for their families and employees.

    Small businesses are a major driver of our economy, and they are the ones that have been hit the hardest during these rough times. Luckily, with the recently signed CARES Act and government’s support, there are several resources and steps these business owners can take to seek out relief and help themselves, and their workforce but there is so much noise around it and I want to help cut that noise and direct them to what might work for them!

    As a CPA, I want to contribute my part to these rough times and help small businesses get access to this information and sources. But I know, I cannot do this alone! I am looking for other passionate, community-driven people to volunteer their technical skills for this cause.

    If this cause speaks to you,I would love to have a chat!



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