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    The Period Project 2

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    Project description:

    I am interested in conducting a study I want to call “The Period Project”. I want to explore if there is a link between genetics and menstrual flow characteristics and more. Based on the results of the study I want to create an app that goes beyond just tracking the start and end of one’s period.
    I think period health needs to be promoted more and in a wholistic manner. I also think women need to know how we can use our menstrual flows as indicators of health.

    I think women can use their periods as a means to understand the state of their health even if they lack access to healthcare. With an understanding of our flow and the particulars, perhaps we can create suggestions on nutrition, lifestyle habits etc to optimize our chances of having or maintaining healthy periods which are tied to our overall reproductive and general health.
    We have fertility apps and period tracking apps but nothing really using period patterns as an indicator of health and predictor of future fertility that can also arm women with information in real time to promote period health.
    I am a scientist and know very little about coding. So I want someone that is well experienced that can build a team for what she/he knows is needed. I want the participants to be able to take the surveys through the app.

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    1. Wechuli

      Did you find help on this? Seems like an interesting project.


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