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    TypeScript | Svelte | Firebase | GCP – Sustainability App

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    Project description:

    A Good Thing makes it easy for businesses to donate unwanted items to local charities – let’s send less to landfill and more to a good cause!


    After launching in 2021 we have over 100 businesses and 500 charities using our simple app (think Airbnb/Ebay) to matchmake businesses who have something to donate with local charities that have a need. See more at


    We’re looking for a talented software engineer to help us manage a rapid growth in users, and to eventually  support the many thousands of charities across the UK.


    Key technologies:

    • TypeScript + Svelte
    • Firebase Hosting + Firestore
    • GCP Functions (node.js) + PubSub + Workflow + Build

    This is a volunteer role. We are a not-for-profit (UK-registered Community Interest Company) run by a small core team and supported by community engagement volunteers across the UK.


    We are looking for someone who can support us over a 3+ month period, for a few hours a week, in a cross-cutting, dynamic technical role, including:

    • Improvements and new features on front-end (UI) and backend workflows
    • Automating operational tasks
    • Supporting data analysis and reporting

    You will be working directly with the technical co-founder and play a key role in developing an exciting new digital platform in the sustainability and charitable sector.


    Familiarity with the key technologies is of course desirable, but not essential. You may be an experienced software engineer looking to explore new technologies, or a junior engineer keen to gain experience.


    If you think you can help, we’d love to talk.

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      Hi, Would like to talk.


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