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    UpBud – An app that helps people when feeling down (including a web application)

    Project description:

    Hello there!

    My name is Richard, I’m a project manager from the UK. I want to build an app for both mobile and web. This app will be named ‘UpBud’, it helps you whenever you feel down or upset. This’ll also help with suicide prevention and people who are diagnosed with depression.

    The idea is that you sign up, make it as simple as possible for people, and then a bot messages you but it is changed every time to make it look as if i real person was talking. It’ll go through some questions such as “How are you feeling today?” etc. Then if the person clicks ‘down or upset’ (or similar), it connects them to a real human being who’ll be there to chat with the person.

    I really want to make this work on all platforms available, so we have the best chance possible of not only helping people feel better about themselves, but also to stop suicide as it is one of the leading causes of death and it can be stopped by having someone there to talk to.

    It’ll be redirected to trained professionals who will not tell anyone about the chat. The chat history will be deleted and the professionals will be trained to deal with situations. Obviously, there’ll be measures to direct the user to 999 if they are in immediate danger.

    This cause really hits home and i want to change the perception is of people who are feeling down, with the power of this app.

    More details will be shared in direct message.

    If you are interested, I encourage to bid on this to make a difference.

    Thank you! 🙂


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