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    High Tech Volunteering for Charities

    With donate:code we’ve assembled a network of experts in software development, graphic design and digital marketing who can help charities and community groups to build projects that were previously too expensive. All our experts donate their time for the good of your charity.

    donate:code provides new opportunities for developers and designers to sharpen their skills. Rather than spend your time working on side projects, donate:code gives a rewarding outlet for your skillset, and increase the quality of your portfolio along the way.

    Join donate:code today and make the difference.

    Donate Your Time & Skills

    What better way to use those skills than to help some worthy causes? If you’re a software developer, graphic designer or an expert in digital marketing, donate:code needs you.

    It will make your résumé stand out from the rest, and give you experience in executing projects from start to finish.

    Make Your Project Happen

    Has your charity or community group had problems in getting projects off the ground because of constraints in your budget? That’s where our amazing team of volunteers at donate:code can help.

    Just list your project with a detailed description and you’ll have a stream of eager volunteers waiting to make your ideas a reality.

    Donate Infrastructure

    From time to time we have other infrastructure needs to make projects a reality. If you’re in a position where you can donate server space or other resources like themes, templates or useful software, donate:code would love to hear from you


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