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    How does donate:code work?

    What types of projects can be listed?

    If you are a non-profit organisation and need an app developed, a website created or simply some maintenance on existing projects, you can list it here. If you need some help with web or graphic design, or are having trouble with your search engine optimization, we have experts who can help.

    Every project is checked by our team before it is published on the site. One of us may be in contact to talk through your project requirements in more detail.

    What skills do volunteer developers need to have?

    Because we have such a wide variety of projects listed here, we need an array of skills. Whether you only deal in HTML and CSS, are a Java server-side developer or can build apps in Android or iOS, we need you!

    Similarly, if you can provide any assistance to these projects such as hosting or infrastructure support, it is a huge help.

    What are the benefits for non-profits?

    By listing your project on donate:code, you will get a team of volunteers who can tackle your technical problems. No need to hire outside help at a cost to your organisation. No need to worry if the team is good enough. You get peace of mind that the project can be completed at the lowest possible cost.

    What are the benefits for developers & designers?

    This is your chance to prove that you can work with any technology, that you can deal with diverse customer requirements. Whether building a website or developing an app, or just guiding people to embrace the changing technology landscape, you portfolio will shine.

    Your spare time becomes a valuable asset to someone in need. You get to build things that really make a difference. You get to feel good, and earn some karma.

    How did donate:code get started?

    Back in December 2012, James Sugrue, app developer and now co-founder of donate:code, was contacted by a charity group to build an app. Rather than taking their money, James used the opportunity to give back to charity through code. Once he had started work on the app, the seeds of donate:code were sown: every developer and designer has skills that these charities require.

    Do I need to pay to get my project listed?

    No! Everything is free on donate:code. Organisations can list as many projects as they want. No money is exchanged through donate:code

    Is donate:code a registered charity?

    No. donate:code is simply a service that helps to match up developers with time on their hands with non-profits that need technical help.