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    About donate:code

    Matching developers and designers with good causes

    At its simplest, donate:code is a way for causes to find people to help with projects that they can’t afford to allocate a budget to, and for IT professionals to use their expertise as something to donate to these causes.

    A cause could be a charity, school or community group. And in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are small businesses that need technical assistance for a variety of reasons, from adding online payments & ordering, to those who will use the time their business is shutdown to rebuild their web presence.

    The work can range from a simple website update, or getting a social network up and running. How about more ambitious causes who want to build an app to generate some extra revenue? There’s just one problem – the cost of getting someone with the technical skills to help. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could donate their time?

    Software developers, web and graphic designers excel in their fields. But they know that to be better, they need more experience. Instead of putting time into side projects that go nowhere, why not donate time and expertise to a group that really needs your help. Increase your portfolio, and gain some extra karma while you do. Learn how to work with diverse customers, and make your CV stand out.

    Donate Your Time & Skills

    What better way to use those skills than to help some worthy causes? If you’re a software developer, graphic designer or an expert in digital marketing, donate:code needs you.

    It will make your résumé stand out from the rest, and give you experience in executing projects from start to finish. Create a profile today and start making a difference.

    Make Your Project Happen

    Has your charity or community group had problems in getting projects off the ground because of constraints in your budget? That’s where our amazing team of volunteers at donate:code can help.

    Just list your project with a detailed description and you’ll have a stream of eager volunteers waiting to make your ideas a reality.

    Donate Infrastructure

    From time to time we have other infrastructure needs to make projects a reality. If you’re in a position where you can donate server space or other resources like themes, templates or useful software, donate:code would love to hear from you.

    The origins of donate:code


    Launch of Signalong Songs for Cope Foundation

    The seeds of the idea for donate:code came about when James Sugrue, co-founder of donate:code, was approached to create an app for a local charity, the Cope Foundation. Rather than charging for the development of the app, James donated his time and skills to create Signalong Songs,  an iPad app that helps to develop children’s vocabulary through music and Irish signs.

    Now donate:code is a complete platform that matches the best software developers, graphic designers and IT professionals with the charities, community groups and schools that need their help most.

    Read more about the Signalong Songs project here, and make sure to sign up if you’d like to create something similar