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    I’m an aspiring machine learning engineer with applicable professional experience and an incredible passion for research. I am currently a second year undergraduate student looking for research opportunities to expand my understanding of the process and applications of my field of interest. It is rare to find anything that satiates my curiosity for understanding more than the connection of information. There are two reasons why I am a particularly considerable addition to this team:

    I have an unparalleled ability to learn new skills and apply them in unique ways. It is often I overstep the bounds of what I consider possible for myself, only to establish new and greater expectations. The passion I have for data science and related topics is what has driven me to implement multiple research papers in PyTorch independently:

    “Attention is All you Need” (Vaswani, Ashish, et al., 2017),

     “An Image is Worth 16×16 Words: Transformers for Image Recognition at Scale”, ICLR 2021

    I possess an incredibly rare passion for solving problems beyond what is expected of me. My first professional experience with data and convolution-based models, I independently redesigned the existing code-base to take an application that was unable to process even one frame in under 10 seconds, to achieve over ten frames per second. I will continue to push both the expectations of others and myself in order to ensure I am the absolute best at what I desire to do. I think by surrounding myself with the best, this goal becomes exponentially more efficient. 

    Thank you,

    Benjamin Rosenheim

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