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    I specialize in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, GitHub, React.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, React Redux, Document Object Model (DOM) APIs, Node.js, Express.js.

    Ever since I typed in my first command in DOS, I fell in love with technology. Now, I wish to be in the IT field, to stand at the borders of innovation and cross them. I want to add my creativity to the market and apply my hard work to something greater than just myself. Most importantly, I wish to learn. Learn as much as I can in my lifetime, and continue following the pursuit of knowledge as far as it takes me.

    As for projects, I’m looking for something that can help people who need it. From those living in poverty to those living with difficult mental health situations. I believe my skills in Web Development may not affect every facet of a problem, but I believe they can be used to help some of the issues. I look forward to working on your next project, and together I hope we can make a great app.

    Here’s a link to my portfolio.

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