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    • davidjackson Software Developer 0 reviews
    • App Development
    • ASP.NET
    • CSS
    • Database
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • Software Development
    • SQL
    • wordpress


    I’m a software developer for over 30 years. I have some spare time and would like to help out if I can. Please give me a shout. Here is all the tech I have experience with.

    ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Razor, MVC, Entity Framework, C#, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Code-First, DB-First, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, VB.Net, Classic ASP. ColdFusion. Bootstrap, Responsive, MVC, Entity Framework, Web Forms, HTML, CSS, Windows Forms, Desktop Apps, Windows Apps, WCF, WPF. XAML, Mobile Web. XML Web Services, Web-API, JSON. Microsoft Office, VBA. OOP. IIS, Web-hosting. Windows Desktop and Windows Server. Agile, Jira. PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Azure and DevOps.

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    • Country: United Kingdom