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    • Naser Afsar AI research & Front End web application 0 reviews
    • App Development
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    • iOS
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    I have an extended experience and skills in front-end web application and mobile AI iOS Applications.  I have worked with various JS frameworks and I am working with Angular and iOS platforms.

    What I do :

    ▪ AI / ML mobile research projects

    ▪ Front End web application using the latest technology

    ▪ Training and assistance on UI applications

    ▪ Enhancing and improving a project (AI / ML and web UI)

    ▪ Assisting others to complete a task

    Front End Skills:
    1- RxJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
    2- Angular, MaterialUI, VMware Clarity UI
    3- ReactJS, RESTful WS, SASS, Docker
    4- Java, JSP, JSTL

    AI / ML mobile skills:
    1- Apple Vision ML framework, TensorFlow, Keras, coremltools,
    2- Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Apple Create ML
    3- iOS SwiftUI, JavaScript, Python 

     1- Able to determine the scope and objective of a development project
     2- Define and prioritize project activities  
     3- Identify operational impacts and required resources
     4- Coordinate events, activities and follow up on project progress
     5- Agile/Scrum

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    • Country: USA