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    • iamshola Frontend engineer 0 reviews
    • CSS
    • HTML5
    • JavaScript
    • Software Development


    An enthusiastic and ambitious Junior Software Engineer who is adept at gathering project requirements and delivering solutions that add value. Whilst my previous positions within the food industry have been beneficial, they ultimately left me seeking a new challenge and a creative outlet for my career.

    To upskill myself, I have recently completed a Software Engineering Immersive with General Assembly. Additionally, I frequently carry out a number of web-based personal projects in my spare time. My key skills are JavaScript and React which I have honed through successful delivery of previous web based projects. I am passionate about joining the tech industry as it is a rapidly growing and continuously evolving, which in turn will continually challenge me and encourage me to upskill in order to keep up and stay relevant. 

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    • Country: United Kingdom