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    • Kimani95 Full Stack Developer 0 reviews
    • CSS
    • Database
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • Node.js
    • SQL


    Hi everyone I’m a Rutgers Coding Bootcamp graduate seeking opportunities to collaborate with fellow web developers and extend my skill set to help others and their ventures. I am working as an automotive technician and using my after-hours time discipline and craft myself into an experienced web developer. I’m ready to gain real-world project experience to further my development knowledge and willing to put in the work and time to do so.

    Skill Set       

    Front End Libraries | Frameworks – React.js, jQuery, Bootstrap

    Back End Libraries | Frameworks – Node.js, Express.js

    Databases – MongoDB, MySQL

    Project Management – Git Version Control, Github, Heroku

    Programming Languages | Markup Languages – JavaScript, HTML, CSS


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    • Experience: 2 years
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    • Country: United States