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    I’m a Customer Experience aficionado turned Full-Stack Web Developer. My experience stems from working with clients to solve their issues to now helping create the interfaces in a way that the end user faces the least amount of issues possible. My unique skill set gives me the ability to fully understand the user experience as I build my code.


    I have experience with several coding languages, including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Python. I am also currently learning Salesforce Development and am working towards becoming a certified Salesforce Developer. In September 2018 I began my journey through the Columbia University Coding Bootcamp. This is where I honed my skills as a web developer. I’m a people manager with experience in recruiting, training, managing and mentoring both large and small teams.


    My goal is together my skills in customer experience and web development and help to create the ideal experience for all end users.

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