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    • rrriki Telecommunications Engineer & Programming Enthusiast 0 reviews
    • Android
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Node.js


    I’m a Telecommunications Engineer with solid knowledge in data networks. And experience in VOIP telephony with SIP, particularly in contact center platforms like Interactive Intelligence’s CIC.

    I’ve also been part of very interesting projects like complex IVR solutions for health care or using Verint’s Speech Analytic to improve customer satisfaction.

    But what I really enjoy is coding. Learning new programming languages and technologies to give release to the imagination. I’ve worked primarily on Android using Java for mobile applications, and using Javascript and NodeJS for server side applications.

    I like to believe the world could be a better place through technology and goodwill, so feel free to contact me for any project, big or small, and I’ll do my best to help on it.

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    • Country: Chile