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    About Sidekick Education

    We’re a startup tech nonprofit focused on helping K12 girls (and all students) develop positive learner and career identities around STEM, so they pursue opportunities in those fields they may have otherwise opted out of.

    What we do

    Our flagship program is Sidekick, the identity-building chatbot that increases engagement to create opportunity. Sidekick learns from what students have already done in class to uncover what students could do beyond it then connects them to opportunities to do it.

    How it works

    Sidekick (1) converses with students about the work they’re doing in and outside the classroom to discover personal skills, interests, and goals. It then (2) figures out how those skills, interests, and goals tie in with meaningful activities like class assignments and STEM internships. Finally, Sidekick (3) reaches out to nudge students to complete an activity by explaining to them how the activity appeals to their skills, interests, and goals.

    When students see why an activity is personally relevant to them, they engage with it. When they’re engaged, they sign up, show up, and skill up.

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