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    I’m a passionate User Experience and Interface Designer who has an affinity for team collaboration and progress. I use creativity to invent solutions for new products or experiences – which I can contribute positively to any team while gaining the knowledge needed to advance skills. With my recent epiphany that the “word “design” had possibly more to do with finding solutions rather than artistic ability, I keep up to date with new innovations and technologies so that I have something to constantly work towards.

    Previously hesitant that I lacked any sort of traditional design training, I’ve slowly come to be confident in my skills as a UX Designer, precisely because of my background. Having a large history of sales, customer service, and skills training – I’ve associated with a large gamut of people with different personalities, cultures, and backgrounds – growing my capacity for understanding and empathizing with these unique individuals.

    This translates to me developing better universal products as I take into account the variety of people that exist in our world and treat their feedback of the utmost importance. Also, my previous experiences also allowed me to develop one of the most crucial skills in UX design – demonstrating value in products or experiences through successful presentations or conversations. I look forward to bringing a collaborative and impactful mindset to any team that is excitable about design as well.

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