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    The idea for Acknowledge came from a practice I began when I realised the extent of how horrible I was to myself. 

    This is app is a way to share the approach of looking and seeing what we’re already achieving, acknowledging ourselves and standing in pride. And it is a way to quantify it – all the little things every day, all the quick wins to see how they add up to become big ones and massive shifts in mindset. And it’s across the board – where could we focus instead, where could be try something different?

    Built by newly qualified developers in ReactNative, they are contributing to this around their lives and job hunts. With no money being paid, the deal is that the time they give to the project works for them around other commitments and that they get out more than what they put in.

    This includes working as part of a team, practicing a new coding language, sharing interview experiences, learnings and portfolio ideas. This includes dialing up the project itself as a stand out commitment and a USP from other job appliers.

    Please reach out to find out more and get involved.

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