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    I am an innovator who dreams of using his knowledge to the fullest one day. I have been working on my technology for a long time without any funding except my pocket. Currently, I decided to solicet help here so that I can finish this and provide it to the user without charge. I am motivated by challenges of our time.  I will love to elevate the down trodden. I am using all I can to make it possible for many people to benefit from the fast moving technology of the world. If it will become a part of my history after now. It will come to past. I am working really hard to make poverty go away.  I believe in humanity: The use of modern tools should not be isolated but remain universal.

    1. I will provide the world the open source version of these applications.

    2. Developers in the remotes regions will be allowed to participate.

    3. I hope to make good friends whom I AM WILL to share what I have.$$$$

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