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    4th Trimester AZ website design

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    Our website is We are a nonprofit organization serving families in Arizona. We are hoping to have a website that promotes our changing needs (weekly virtual sessions, an annual conference, links to volunteer/donate), promotes the work we’ve already done, and where we are headed. We would also like to promote resources already in place in our community.

    The vulnerability of women and families during the postpartum period is often overlooked in the U.S. Women. Because social mores dictate that women feel only joy and fulfillment during this time, many mothers feel shame and guilt at their own disappointment and feelings of overwhelm.

    4th Trimester Arizona aims to address these issues by producing community events and ongoing support groups in which parents, caretakers, and family members are able to acknowledge their various postpartum experiences in a safe way, sharing personal stories of beauty as well as pain, to feel accepted by their peers, to process and heal, to bond with their babies and create stronger family units, to more effectively utilize community support systems available to them, and to continue to inform support systems and care providers as to what is most needed during this critical time in a family’s lives.

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    1. spud

      Hi! I have experience designing and developing nonprofits sites and i would love to work in your project! Please email me with more details hoping to help you:
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