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    Imagine a world where everyone has access to quality health care, education, and shelter. A world where no one has to suffer from the effects of war, violence, and displacement. A world where people can live with dignity and hope.

    This is the vision of our project, a crowdfunding application that will be used to raise funds for people who need medical attention, families of internally displaced people, and people under extreme poverty in Ethiopia. Our project aims to connect people who have urgent needs with people who have generous hearts. Our project will enable fundraisers to create campaigns and request funds for themselves or others who need help. Our project will also enable donors to browse, search, filter, and sort campaigns by various criteria, and make donations using different payment methods such as Telebirr and similar technologies.

    Our project will not only provide financial assistance, but also emotional support and social impact. Our project will allow fundraisers to update their campaign progress, post thank-you messages, share stories and photos of how the funds were used or how they helped the beneficiaries. Our project will also allow donors to rate and review the campaigns they donated to, and see the ratings and reviews of other donors. Our project will also send email or SMS alerts to users about important events such as new campaigns, donations, updates, reviews, etc.

    Our project will also provide feedback, reporting, and dashboard features for both fundraisers and donors. Our project will generate reports on various metrics such as number of campaigns, donations, users, categories, etc. Our project will also display summary information and statistics on the application performance and usage such as total funds raised, total donors, total campaigns, average donation amount, etc.

    Our project is more than just an application. It is a movement. A movement that aims to create a positive change in the lives of many people in Ethiopia. A movement that empowers people to help each other and make a difference. A movement that inspires people to give forward and spread kindness.

    We invite you to join our movement and support our project. Whether you are a fundraiser or a donor, you can make an impact with our project. You can make someone’s life better with our project. You can make the world a better place with our project.

    Thank you for your interest and attention. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. ????


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      I’d like to help. Contact me:

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      Fifty lemons are a decoration for fifty people but a burden for one person. Amharic proverb.


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