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    Animal Rescue Project needs App Developers

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    Project description:

    Wanted – Remote iOS & Anrdoid developers for an Animal Rescue Project in Bulgaria!

    Dear everyone,

    The Bulgarian National Animal Rescue Platform was established 8 years ago. It is an online platform to empower people in Bulgaria to work together to save the many stray cats and dogs that live on the streets. Many of the strays suffer and die in misery. Everyday we see posts about newborn baby kittens and puppies found in plastic bags and dropped next to bins, or half paralysed animals dragging their bodies on the streets, because someone run over them and didn’t stop to even check… We see skinny, malnourished pets with skin diseases struggling… We read about people’s stories of waking up and finding tens of dogs poisoned and laying dead or half dead around their neighbourhoods and cities… This is way too common. We try to fight it. We try to save as many pets as we possibly can.

    We now have 3 platforms, with more than 26k users and a team of volunteers that help run them. It is all run on voluntary basis.

    However we recently joined forces with a young app developer who has developed an app that allows people to give a signal of an animal in urgent need of help. Once a signal is created, with an attached location, picture and description other users of the app that are near by get a notification that there’s a case they can attend to and support.

    The app is fairly new and is on both IOS and Android. The person who developed it needs further help to improve it. Hence we are calling out skilled developers passionate about animal well-fare that would be happy to volunteer their time and skills for the good cause that will help save countless lives!

    Below is a description of what we are looking for.


    For iOS – native development with Xcode. Old classes are written in ObjectiveC, new ones are implemented in Swift. Standard Apple MVC architecture is used.

    For Android – native development with Android Studio. The whole project is in Java. Kotlin usage is not yet on schedule but might be discussed. MVP architecture is used.


    Both projects use a third-party backend solution (Backendless) through dedicated SDKs.


    Tasks to be implemented:

     – UI improvements

    – GDPR compliance (registration form update, policy acceptance screens, etc)

    – Push notifications implementation through a third-party service (Backendless)

    – Onboarding screens


    If you care and can help us, please get in touch!

    If you care, but can’t help with development, then please share!

    Bulgarian National Animal Rescue Platform – Подай лапа!

    In cooperation with Help a Paw (app) by Milen Marinov

    1 Comment

    1. snehareddy

      I am willing to help with this project and would to know more details.


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