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    Antiracism Project: Native App Development

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    Project description:

    The Interrupting White Extremism Project (IWEP) intends to address rampant white supremacy and extremism through interventions to uproot whiteness and internalized white supremacy culture at the individual, community, and policy spheres. Initially, IWEP plans to launch a mobile phone application and website, to build and foster a digital community, to connect that digital community to in-person movements already ongoing in IWEP users’ geographic area, and to produce research and policy advocacy to mitigate and disarm the harms of white supremacist culture. Integral to IWEP’s focus on accountability for social change, IWEP’s hybrid business plan includes a reparations component.

    Director of Technology Development:

    IWEP is looking for a voluntary, experienced mobile developer to join our emerging startup team. The ideal candidate will have a deep commitment to racial justice and responsible tech and should have experience with native iOS, Android and/or React Native app development.


    IWEP is an early, pre-seed stage, startup that is bridging neuroscience and psychological research to mitigate the rise in violent white extremism in the U.S. We think a lot about the intergenerational harms of white supremacist culture and whiteness and are the first organization of its kind to build an innovative, and cross-cutting platform designed explicitly to counter white violence and internalized white supremacy culture. Currently, we are working to build a mindfulness app that hosts a blend of features and technologies, that is intuitive and accessible.


    The ideal candidate:

    • Can develop a platform-native app from scratch to release

    • Has experience working on high-use, large-scale applications

    • Has a strong design sense and attention to detail

    • Is excited about building out a new organization with high social impact

    • Is engaged in uprooting white supremacy culture in their own way

    • Is mission driven and committed to responsible tech and systems change


    We encourage anyone interested to apply, whether or not you can check all of these boxes off.



    To be Considered: 

    Please send us an email to with an attached resume a note explaining your experiences and skills and your commitment to racial equity.



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