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    App for the first Italian Specialty Coffee Guide

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    Project description:

    Project description:

    Presentation App project



    (If you open the attachment you’ll find all of these info along with some Mockup, so maybe you can read directly through there 😉 )


    Hello everybody! I’m Leonardo Santetti, just graduated industrial and spatial Designer. I’m also a coffee-lover, teaching it as a trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association, and I’m here searching for someone very passionate in coffee and with App development skills that would like to increment its portfolio. As I’m a ex-student from like a month I have not the possibility to offer a proper payment for this. But if you are looking to create something cool with coffee, make some experience and practice, and expand your portfolio for the future this can be a good opportunity for you.


    I’m on the way of publishing a book and ebook about the specialty coffee sector in Italy, regarding all the coffee shop realities that provides specialty coffees and have the Ethic and divulgations of quality as their mission. Now I would like to make it as an app.


    The structure is not too much complicated as for now I’ve thinking to make it into three sections as it’s shown also in the file attached.


    The top part of the opening interface is divided into three slide sections.


    • Section one: a Map of Italy, like the Google’s one, with a series of address insert into it as pins (coffee pins). The user can so zoom in and out and select the pin or search for a coffee shop via name or city in the top of the screen in the “search” area.


    • Sections two: Text List of the specialty coffees in Italy, ordered alphabetically by Region.


    • Section Three: List of the Specialty Coffee Roasters of Italy as Links. If a person is looking for fresh beans can click on it an it will appear a window redirected into their e-shop, incrementing so also their traffic.


    I was thinking probably to leave the possibility of adding more features in future like a detailed card, with photos, for each café by clicking on the desired one.


    So this is the overview of what I have in mind. If you are interested into it please reach me via mail at

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    1. Brian Burbank

      I would love to help out as much as possible if you still need volunteers.


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