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    Automating a Google Drive Agricultural Record Keeping System

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    Project description:

    We are a charity dedicated to expanding access to fresh food, independent farms, and fairness in farming. We assist independent and minority farmers by providing technical assistance, financial support, and training in the areas of food safety, product packaging, crop specifications, and more. 


    For this project, we are looking for someone experienced with Google Drive API to help us automate key aspects of a Google-Drive-based record-keeping system for farmers seeking Harmonized Good Agricultural Practices certification.


    We have digitized ~40 USDA forms into a combination of Google Sheets & Google Forms and organized them into folders based on how often the farmer needs to fill them out (daily, weekly, annually, as needed, etc). Ideally, we’d like to build a system where we can easily duplicate a master folder of forms & sheets and share it with a specific farmer so they can customize the files to fit their needs. The system would also automatically email the farmer a list of links to the Google Sheets or Forms that they need to fill out on any given day to meet certification standards.


    We have built out as much of this system as we could through google drive’s front end and now need help automating a couple of aspects of the back-end management such as folder duplication, bulk file renaming, and connecting many forms to a single response sheet. The core of this project is working around Google Drive’s frustratingly limited front-end file management capabilities and setting up a simple email reminder system based on the file structure. To someone experienced with Google Drive’s API, this should be a very quick project but would make a huge difference in the lives of independent farmers.

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    1. Brian Burbank

      Hello would love to help out as much as I can, if u still need help


    Skills required:


    Software Engineer. Python.
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    Machine Learning Engineer
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