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    Back End Developer Required To Help With New Website

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    Project description:


    My name is Mayur and I am the founder of Metis Skills and Careers. We’re an IT training provider and our aim is to various people land their first IT role.

    I knew how difficult it was for myself to land my first IT role many years ago, I don’t want people to struggle like I did. With Covid having an impact on current and potentially future generations, it means our service is even more crucial to help young people and those looking for a career change make their initial stride into the IT job market.

    My company has only just started and I am fortunate to have some volunteers who believe in this cause to help get this business running.

    We’re in the middle of revamping our website as we want to replace our current website with a new more aesthetic looking website. We currently have a front end WordPress developer, but what we really need is a backend developer to help aid the front end developer.

    The project is to build the backend functionality of the website as well as some other simple UIs. There is a lot of code in the current website that can be taken as the current website is written in PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS. What we want to do is take some of that code to apply to the new website as well as adding more functionality to it.

    Some of the tasks will include:

    • Password generation
    • Sending order confirmation emails after order
    • Payment processing
    • Linking to online exam provider API to generate access codes to access exam
    • Validation against duplicate products in checkout
    • Create a simple UI for staff members to use to help go through records of users

    It’s a flexible role. Usually our volunteers work for 12 weeks but you can work longer or shorter. We have volunteer testers who can test your work so it’s a collaborative effort.

    Skills required:


    • Knowledge of PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS
    • Extensive knowledge in back end programming


    • Using WordPress 

    Thank you very much for your time and looking forward to your response.

    Here is our current website which we want to replace. It also provides details on what we’re trying to achieve:


    1. sunnygupta

      Hi Mayur,

      This seems like an interesting project. I currently work as an Operations Engineer and am exposed to the backend processes of our application quite a bit. I am skilled in HTML/CSS/SQL. I usually program in Python but have experience in both Javascript and PHP, and sure that I can pick up the required skills to aid the creation of the platform as necessary.

      If my profile sounds appealing to you, i’ll be happy to discuss further. I can dedicate about 10 hours a week.

    2. GioutzinoTz

      Hi Mayur,

      I am a web developer curretly graduated and I am looking to further develop my skills. I am skilled in php and mysql and wordpress.
      I am available for about 20 hours per week.

      Thank you for your time.

    3. Tawanda Mutasa

      Hi Mayur

      I am a web developer currently working on a project for Food For All. I am skilled in php and mysql. While I have no experience with WordPress Core, I believe it is something I can pick up, seeing as I already know php.
      Depending on your specs, I would be able to help out with the UI for staff members to check user records.
      I am available for about 20 hours per week.

      Thank you for your time. Please check out my demo app at my Github is

      • Mayur Patel

        Hey Tawanda, cool that’ would be great. Are you ok to have a meeting call so we can discuss further? I am really busy tomorrow so I was hoping if we can have a meeting at 4pm on Friday if that’s ok? Is so then I will send a meeting link in this comment.


    Skills required:


    Applied infromatics graduate
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