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    Anna Schutz

    Backend Engineer Lead

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    Project description:

    About us

    Our vision is to make getting involved in theatre more accessible to underrepresented groups.  We do this by sharing free and affordable resources, connecting companies with their community, and creating an online network of artists available for hire. Many theater companies and artists do not have the time, experience, or resources to put into the business side of the industry. Chicago Artist Guide’s mission is to create tools and gather resources so that artists can spend more time, energy, and money on creating art than on the logistics of producing and running a company.

    Our current focus is on a tool that helps producers cast and hire artists, specifically with the goal of helping companies connect with artists from underrepresented communities. There is no popular, centralized website for hiring and casting, leaving many positions to be filled by existing, homogenous, closed networks. By collecting demographic information from our users, we hope to match members when certain identities and skills are integral to the position and introduce new artists to companies who may not have been connected previously.

    This position

    We are seeking an experienced backend developer to join our existing team as an Engineering Co-Lead. The right person is someone who is interested in managing a team of developers and working directly with organizational leadership to build a platform for Chicago’s theatre community. This position will report directly to the Head of Platform, work alongside the Frontend Engineering Lead & Product Manager, and manage several developers at various skill levels. This person will also assist in recruiting and training their team, as needed.


    • Co-lead weekly developer meeting
    • Design backend architecture
    • Assign tickets to the backend team and manage their workflow
    • Lead the deployment of AWS
    • Provide support to the backend developers and review work


    • This is an unpaid position to support our mission
    • Use your work for your portfolio & gain experience to build your resume
    • Gain management experience
    • Grow your network

    Time Commitment

    • Generally, 5-10 hours/week
    • Flexible work hours; responding to questions via Slack
    • Most meetings take place weekday evenings and weekends

    Preferred Skills: 
    Kotlin, Java, AWS, Git 


    Skills required:


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