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    Books2All Mobile App – React Native/ Typescript volunteers needed

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    Project description:

    Founded in June 2020, Books2All is EdTech charity that’s on a mission to reduce the rising levels of education inequality in the UK.

    We provide a simple and efficient app to connect book donors with schools in need. Helping schools access free books for their libraries and class rooms.

    The beta app was launched in May 2022 for London based users and we’ve facilitated nearly 300 book donations, with over 185 schools registered. We’ve achieved this with no funding and an amazing network of talented volunteers. 

    We’re urgently seeking React Native/Typescript volunteer developers to help us on our mission. We ask volunteers to commit to 3 hours a week but we also appreciate everyone has busy lives and this isn’t always possible. 

    The project

    We need help to improve our beta app so we can scale to the UK and beyond.

    Here’s our roadmap priorities:

    1. Rebuild our backend database – Unfortunately our original backend written in Python is not stable or scalable. We’ve rebuilt the backend and our priority is to update the React Native code to use the new API and payloads.

    2. UI redesign – Our UX is pretty good but we want to re-design the UI to improve our mobile responsiveness and accessibility.

    3. New features –  We’ve got a backlog of new features we believe will take the app to another level.

    Please get in touch if this project interests you!

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    1. rjayjuarez

      Hello, I did complete a course in UX and my recent position was being a Public Information Specialist with the San Jose Public Library so I can relate to ensure that schools need free access to books. I like to discuss about how to improve your UI needs if you like. Is that possible?


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