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    Books2All React Native App Developers

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    Project description:

    Books2All helps reduce educational inequality by providing a link between book donors to schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged students. The schools will receive donated books and be able to loan them to students, thus increasing accessibility and opportunity available for the students for reading and learning.

    We anticipate that our work will be highly beneficial as educational inequality in the UK is rising. The UK is the world’s 5th largest economy, yet ranks 16th and 23rd in educational inequality in secondary school and primary school years respectively. Without access to books and resources, disadvantaged children will be left behind.


    Through the use of an integrated website and app, we intend to connect book donors to schools in need. Donors can list the books they are donating (textbooks, fiction and nonfiction) and set a preference for how far they are willing to travel to donate. Schools can sign up, see the books accessible in their local area and select the ones they require. In this way, schools “match” with the donor providing these individuals with an address to deliver the donations to. We see this as a modern, efficient and impactful donation service compared to schools receiving masses of irrelevant or inappropriate donations. This service’s planned launch will be in 2021 in Greater London and Greater Manchester.

    We are searching for experienced individuals to join our app development team. This roles involves a selection of:

    • Using React Native to build the app.
    • Creating a high-quality app from designs and specifications.
    • Employing a standard of test-driven development.
    • Collaborating with the existing front-end and back-end app developers.
    • Deploying the app to both the Google Play Store and iOS App store.

    As an app developer, the individual will:

    • Work remotely as part of a team – meetings and communication will be conducted primarily through Microsoft Teams
    • Often be in contact with the CEO to ensure that the app is produced to the specifications required.


    Kevin Mai
    Junior software engineer
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